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Frankys Pillow

100-Night Trial

5 years warranty

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1 pillow, 4 hardnesses, 8 thicknesses

Proud of our sustainability

Best neck support



Why Franky’s Pillow?

Franky’s Pillow is unique because you can not only change the thickness of your pillow, but by using the various compartments, you can also change the firmness of your pillow. Combining these two elements ensures a pillow fit just for you.

Franky's Pillow

Choose your thickness and the firmness

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Cool and Breathable

Not only does Tencel feel soft, but it’s cool against your skin.

Breathing.. Of course, our pillows don’t actually breath, but they are breathable and won’t become warm or uncomfortable. The special soy foam has an open cell structure, allowing air to pass through it easily.

Supportive and Comfortable

The structure of the soy foam cushions your head while adjusting to your body and providing the support your head and neck require to sleep soundly. This keeps your spine in alignment to improve and optimize blood circulation.

By combining the highest quality materials available and using the different layers to adjust to your perfect sleeping position, you will enjoy the best comfort with a Franky’s Pillow.

Handcrafted and Environmentally friendly

We use sustainable materials for all our products, We’ll explain more in detail about the sustainability of our used materials.

We work together with several factories that have gone through an ongoing technological evolution and have developed their products with safety regarding ecology and toxicity.




Made in Europe

Personalize your Franky’s Pillow

Franky’s Pillow is unique because you can not only change the thickness of your pillow, but by using the various compartments, you can also change the firmness of your pillow.

Top Layer: Should always be in compartment 1 with the grid facing up.
Layer 2, this is a thin layer
Layer 3: This is a medium layer
Layer 4: This is the thickest layer
Compartment 1: This is the first compartment where your head rests on.
Compartment 2: This is the second compartment


Tencel is a fiber made from natural raw wood which is sourced from specially managed sustainable forests. Production is done in an environmentally responsible manner. It provides good moisture regulation and feels soft and cool on your skin.


Bamboo is a self-replenishing grass. It is therefore natural and sustainable. It grows up to 3 feet per day and requires 70% less water than cotton. It feels smooth and silky and is absorbent.

Soy Foam

Soy optimizes the cell structure of the foam. It maintains its moisture properties and has a high elasticity. Due the open cell structure, the foam is breathable, temperature regulating and won’t make you sweat.


Pillow cover
Tencel, Bamboo
Pillow foam
Soy foam


Pillow size
14″ x 22″ / 35 cm x 55 cm
Four different firmnesses
Eight different thicknesses

Care instructions


  • Wash carefully at 40 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Dry at a low temperature
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean


  • Wash carefully at 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius
  • Use a short and easy-care program
  • Use only a small amount of laundry detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Use an average speed spin when washing the cushion in the machine (approximately 800 rpm)
  • Allow the pillow to dry on a flat surface out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not wring out.


How do I clean the Franky’s Pillow?

Yes, both the foam and the cover can be machined washed at 40 degrees. The pillow comes with washing instructions.

Does the cover replace the need for a pillow case?

Eventhough, the cover feels extremely soft and silky it is not a replacement for a pillowcase. However, the cover is machine washable so you could choose not using a pillowcase.

What is the warrenty of the Franky’s Pillow?

Franky’s Pillow will have a 1-year warrenty

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