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What makes Franky’s Pillow so unique?

Franky’s Pillow is unique because you can not only change the thickness of your pillow, but by using the various compartments, you can also change the firmness of your pillow. Combining these two elements ensures a pillow fit just for you.

Your Franky’s Pillow is fully customizable. Tailor it to your needs with the various compartments. Just close your eyes, Franky’s takes care of the rest.

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When do I change my pillow?

Even if your sleeping position changes over the years your Franky's Pillow can easily change with you. You just have to adjust the layers, to personalize it to your needs.

When traveling for business, on holiday, or even if you are away for just one night, your Franky’s Pillow can travel with you. You can change the pillow to conform with whatever mattress you’re sleeping on.

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How do I choose the best set-up for me?

With our help and guidance, you can decide for yourself what thickness or firmness you prefer. We recommend you try different possibilities.

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Why choose Franky’s pillow over a regular pillow

Standard pillows are either too soft or too firm. Some are filled with garbage, don’t feel comfortable or don’t give you the neck support you needed. The memory foam pillows start soft, then they warm up, lose their shape and make you sweat. Also you cannot wash them properly. Your pillow becomes a home for bacteria and dust mites.

And that’s why you need Franky’s Pillow because you can adjust it to your personal needs. We fill our pillow with the best materials and it will provide you with all the support you need.

We're proudly sustainable

We’re proudly sustainable at Franky’s Pillow. To produce our pillow we've used high quality, sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly materials.
We use naturel and sustainable materials for our Franky’s Pillow. For the cover we used Tencel, what is a fiber made from natural raw wood. For the inner-cover we used a Bamboo fiber and our foam is made from soy and orange blossom oils.

Want to know more about our materials? We’ll explain more in detail about the sustainability and our used materials.

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