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Discover the unique Franky’s Pillow.
Compose your ideal hardness and thickness at home.

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Determine your ideal composition at home

Trying out different pillows is a thing of the past. With Franky’s Pillow you will always have the right pillow at home. You compose your ideal pillow at home. With more than 20 different filling options, you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

Does your sleeping posture change over the years? Then you can easily change your Franky’s Pillow along with it.

How does Franky's Pillow work?

Everyone who orders Franky's Pillow receives the same pillow. What makes Franky's Pillow unique is that it consists of different fillings. This way you compose your own pillow at home. With more than 20 different fillings there is always a composition that suits your sleeping posture.

Based on your sleeping behaviour and wishes, our enclosed manual provides suggestions for compositions. For example, we give advice for stomach, back and side sleepers.

Benefits of Franky’s

One complete Pillow

Suitable for every type of sleeper

Fall asleep quickly

Get in a good position quickly and get a longer night’s sleep

Save money

Only one pillow needed, even when your sleeping position changes

Environmentally friendly produced

We use natural and sustainable materials


Franky’s Pillow is vegen and contains no animal products


Franky’s Pillow is easy to put together for your sleeping position

Proud of our sustainability

We are proud of our sustainability policy. To produce Franky's Pillow, we use high quality, sustainable, vegan and environmentally friendly materials. For the cover, we use Tencel, a fibre made from natural rough wood. For the inner cover we use bamboo fibre and our foam is made from sustainable soy and orange blossom oil.

Why Franky’s Pillow?

Standard pillows are often too soft or too firm. Some are filled with poor quality materials, do not feel comfortable or simply do not give you the neck support you need. Take a memory foam pillow as an example: it starts out soft, then warms up, loses its shape and often makes you sweat. They are also hard to wash. In this way, your pillow becomes a home for bacteria and dust mites.

And that is why you need a Franky’s Pillow. You can adapt the pillow to your personal needs. We fill our pillow with the best materials and therefore it gives you all the support you need

Franky's Pillow has already been sold in over 22 countries

Here’s what some of our customers have said about Franky’s

Have been using the Franky's Pillow for the last few weeks. It. Is. Fantastic. I genuinely don't want to ever buy any other type of pillow!! Franky's for life!

I tried out Franky's Pillow for quite a while now and found out that for very sensitive sleepers like me with huge neck and migraine problems just using the thinnest layer inside the cover works best. I can sleep pain-free with it just lying on the back. So, a huge thumbs up for your invention!

I love your idea of the pillow, have trouble myself and can't wait to receive it. So happy I saw this. Continued succes!

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